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Terms and conditions

  1. Prices indicated on our ticketing website and communications are indicative as the actual and exact amount debited from your card account depends on your card issuing bank as some banks may impose additional surcharges for international transactions on its card holders.

  2. This experience is only offered to adults of legal drinking age in their country, who do not have any precluding condition such as pregnancy and comply with any local regulation relative to the consumption of alcohol. Any event participant whose behavior during the event may be deemed by the organizer or the venue a nuisance to the other participants or the performance of the event, will be asked to leave the event immediately and without refund.

  3. Wine Advocate Pte Ltd (the “Wine Advocate”) is not responsible for the perceived quality of the wines and if applicable of the food and other product and services provided during the event and of their respective compliant delivery to the participants. Wine Advocate exercises on a best effort basis its due diligence in appointing various qualified service providers such as wine producers, wine merchants, restaurants, caterers, ticketing agents, hotels and venues, who will provide their product and services pertaining to the event to the participants. Any perceived shortfall or issues arising from the delivery of such products and services will need to be addressed directly between the participant and the product or service provider without involving the responsibility of Wine Advocate, who as the organizer, will assist in the communication between the parties who will need to resolve the issue among themselves and without recourse from Wine Advocate.

  4. For all events, participants are not allowed to bring food. For all events except the Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) events, participants are not allowed to bring wine and beverages in general to the event and are not allowed to help themselves with wine and food, which are strictly to be served to them by either exhibitors or the venue or organizer service staff. The participants are not allowed to take away and bring along with them any product such as opened or unopen wine bottles and glasses, except for what may be provided to them in a giveaway bag.

  5. The wines, speakers and time presented in the event program may be changed by Wine Advocate at any time and without notice. In such occurrence Wine Advocate will provide replacements on a best effort basis.

  6. In case Wine Advocate needs to cancel the event for whatever reason, a refund of the amount paid by the participant for the event ticket will be arranged. This shall be in full and final settlement of the matter and no other claim or recourse will be accepted by Wine Advocate.

  7. Any communication or offer relative to this event that a third party such as a wine distributor may provide to an event participant, does not involve in anyway the responsibility of Wine Advocate who has the entirety of its event offer presented and explained on its website Concurrent offers such as for instance wine offers from local distributors, do not involve Wine Advocate.

  8. Wine Advocate may have event photographers and videographers present during the event. Participation in the event is deemed a grant of permission to Wine Advocate by the participants to use participants’ photographic and video images and audio recordings, and reproductions of the same, for any marketing, promotion or other commercial purpose as Wine Advocate in its sole discretion sees fit, and without any compensation to participants.

  9. After purchasing their event tickets, participants will receive by email a complimentary subscription to and subject to the subscription terms and conditions and privacy policy .

  10. When purchasing their event ticket, participants provide their particulars including, but not limited to, their contact email to receive their ticket, with full acceptance and consent that this information will be communicated to the various parties involved in the execution of the event.

  11. The Parties agree that this Agreement will be construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore without regard to its conflict of laws principles and that any dispute arising hereunder shall be submitted only to a court of competent jurisdiction in Singapore to whose jurisdiction the Parties consent.

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